Portuguese hot chicken – the healthy way.

Barcelos has officially joined the #FoodTruckLife with fast, fresh, flame-grilled chicken in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Our Menu is inspired by world flavors, fresh ingredients and the Peri-Peri Chili Pepper. Let your tastebuds travel with our generous portions, exciting combinations and soulfully healthy flame-grilled chicken.


World flavors fresh from the flame to your plate.


Peri-Peri: An American Original?

Barcelos-Peri Sauces

It’s a chili-pepper, a hot sauce, a marinade – and a flavor sensation. Ranking 50,000–175,000 on the Scoville scale, this impressive little chili-pepper is the main ingredient for our tangy and mild to super hot range of Barcelos hot sauces and marinades. Did you know our exotic Peri-Peri actually has roots in America? When Portuguese explorers arrived on the east coast of Africa in the 18th Century, they brought chili-peppers originally found on their expeditions to the Americas. The plants took to African soil and spread like wildfire – and before long a new breed of chili-pepper was cultivated: the African Birds Eye or African Red Devil Pepper as it’s also known.

With chili-peppers in abundance, Portuguese settlers began experimenting with crushing them and mixing them with other ingredients to create basting sauces for chicken that would be fired up on open-flame grills. These sauces became known to the locals as “pili-pili, which means pepper in Swahili. Over time, pili-pili became Peri-Peri – which is now the name we use for the chili-pepper, the flavour and our hot-sauces and marinades. After what can only be described as a whirlwind adventure, Peri-Peri has finally returned to the USA. Enjoy it fresh from the flame in the age old tradition at a Barcelos Food Truck near you.

Discover the explorer in you with the Barcelos Portuguese flame-grilled chicken Food Truck.
Flame Grilled Chicken with Portuguese flavors that pack a punch.
It’s Peri-Peri Nice!
World flavors fresh from the flame to your plate
Flame-grilled Chicken and Barcelos Peri-Peri marinades just go Better Together
The magic is in the flame. The secret is in the sauce.
Let your tastebuds travel
Fast, hot and healthy

The magic is in the flame. The secret is in the sauce.


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