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Flame-grilled since ‘93.

Our chicken is on the move.
Serving up flame-grilled hot chicken since ’93, Barcelos is an established South African favourite with Mozambican and Portuguese roots. Now in the USA, our chicken is once again on the move. This time through the bustling streets of Nashville, Tennessee – and coming to your state soon!


Legendary chicken.

Have you heard the one about the pilgrim, the judge and the rooster?
Years ago, a pilgrim was passing through the town of Barcelos in Portugal. Wrongfully accused of a crime and sentenced to hang, he was brought before a judge about to sit down to his dinner. The pilgrims last hope? The roasted cockerel before him.

“If this rooster gets up and crows– I’m an innocent man”

…And that’s exactly what happened! While the judge lost his dinner, the pilgrim was free to go and the Barcelos Legend was born. Our promise to you? Honest, tasty and flavourful flame-grilled chicken. If it were any fresher it would walk off your plate.

The magic is in the flame. The secret is in the sauce.


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318 Seaboard Lane, Suite 305
Franklin, TN 37067

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